The Ranch

The Hausauer's live on a beautiful ranch that they own and operate, raising small grains, Simmental/Angus beef cattle & Quarter horses. Halliday, North Dakota, is where the Muddy Boot Ranch is located. People often ask” Why Muddy Boot ranch?" Well the Muddy Boot ranch name was actually chosen by Jorden. When they moved out there, they had a big problem with gumbo mud. Elsabe says: "All you had to do is walk over to the barn and your boots would be so covered in gumbo to the point where you would be breaking out a sweat getting back to the house. Since then we have hauled some scoria in, but those memories still remain until today".

Hausauer Family

A native North Dakotan, Jorden was farming and ranching with his dad and three brothers from the time he could walk. Besides the work at home he also works full time at the Coteau coal mine as a fill in supervisor and helps his brother and dad on their farms. He takes great pride in all his jobs and always strives to do better and improve wherever he can. Rounding up and sorting cows, he has a decided preference for his four-wheel horse “Honda” or his "Polaris Ranger". However slowly but surely, he has found out that horses are the ultimate 4-wheel drive. While Jorden is at work Elsabe and their 3 kids take care of all the ranching duties at home throughout the year. In the summer you can find them side by side making hay. Elsabe says, making our ranch work really takes the whole family pitching in. The Hausauers say they are very thankful to be able to raise their children in this way of life. On summer weekends the kids compete in all the local youth & Junior highrodeos with great success. Elsabe says: "it’s good for them to have a break from the ranch, hang out with friends and learn valuable lessons about winning, losing & sportsmanship.

Elsabe grew up in South Africa. As a child she developed both a love of horses and an intuitive connection with them. At an early age Elsabe found herself on the back of a horse or around livestock. She had a special connection, that gave her insight into how horses think and what they need to be happy and productive. That ability quickly turned into competing in professional horse sports. She has shown Arabian horses in many styles including, Dressage, Western Pleasure, Costume, Halter, Jumping & Endurance riding. Later Elsabe continued her horse training in England New Market where she had the opportunity to work for a very well-known trainer helping start and train thoroughbred and Arabian race horses for competition at many of England’s famous race tracks.  Ernst Oertel, is the trainer she worked for, he was recently featured in the documentary “Leg up”. She also had the opportunity to attend the prestigious British Racing School in England where she completed a diploma in Stable Management.

Bringing her equine training and experience to the United States, she now operates Muddy Boot ranch & Performance horses offering training services, horsemanship clinics and private lessons. Elsabe is a member of AQHA as well as a AQHA Professional Horsemen and has a deep love for the quarter horse. She truly believes in fostering the connection between horse and rider. Elsabe says: "My training is about relationships not just directions". Horses have helped her grow in her faith in Jesus & she feels the Lord speaks to her so clearly through these animals. There are some days she likes what she hears and other days she tries to embrace the growing pains.

To Elsabe a quiet willing frame of mind is her number one priority. She believes in building a confident and balanced horse from the ground up but also believes that it starts with ourselves first. She gets horses exposed to allot, whether it's ranch work, obstacles or kids doing hand stands on their backs. She also likes her horses to be able to move any part of their bodies independently and together but then also travel nice and square when asked. To be collected from head to tail by rounding their backs, increased bend in hocks and stifles and engaging their hind quarters. Elsabe is very humble in her knowledge and you will easily find her at all the local clinics trying to learn from other clinicians. She says: 'The more I learn the more I learn how much there still is to learn. I attend clinics every year...sometimes I learn new things and sometimes I learn things I don't want to do. At the end of the day it’s still progress".

She is currently working towards her PRI (Professional Riding Instructor) as well as a PHT (Performance Horse trainer) Certification. She is always trying to further her education in the saddle and on the ground and is more than happy to share what she has learned over the years. She very open, humble and encourages others to be the same. The journey to horsemanship is a never-ending process and we all in this TOGETHER.