Highly recommend working with Elsabe! She’s patient with horses and riders! She has a great way of explaining things and guiding us how to ask our horses. She’ll encourage the rider, but not beyond their (or the horses) ability. She is SO knowledgeable, and more than happy to help others learn! ~Kayla Fandrich (4 Level Horsemanship clinic)

I just recently completed level 1/2 & 3/4 of Elsabe’s horsemanship clinic.  This was one of the best that I’ve been to!  She works with each horse & their rider one on one.  Your not lumped into a group, if you need extra time you have it, you move at your speed not the speed of the most advanced rider & horse. She gauges what your working on depending on where you and your horse are at training wise, confidence, and knowledge. You learn so many things and she gives you things to keep you challenged so that your never bored.  Elsabe is a wonderful horse woman & I would recommend attending one of her clinics if you can.~Lindsey Schutte (4 Level Horsemanship Clinic)

Ohhh dear Elsabe where do I start...You have helped me immensely.  I didn't want to leave.  You are as beautiful inside as You are on the outside.  You did all you could to show me Cracker was not a bad horse just lacking in areas.  The first time he followed me around I thought my heart should explode but it was nothing compared to this weekend.  I haven't been this happy in years. See when we had our accident I spent hours trying to figure it out. I spent many days sad and almost depressed.  My heart was broken to get hurt doing something I loved so much.  With your guidance and caring way my heart is again full and I am back!!! Thank you so much Elsabe.  My cup runneth over. You are a true blessing to me and Cracker.  Kinlee said to me when we got home last nite that she couldn't wait to go ride again and it's been a long time but I felt the same way.  We adore you!!! You are a blessing dear.  We Thank the good Lord that he put you in our lives.  I can never thank you enough for all your help with both me and Kinlee. You truly are an amazing trainer and person!! We love you. Thank you for getting me back.~Melissa & Kinlee Friesz (4 Level Horsemanship Clinic)

The knowledge and passion that Elsabe has for training horses is exceptional. I am extremely impressed with the results of her 30 day training on my gelding. I learned of Elsabe's training through a friend. I liked the fact that she believes in ground work, earning the horse's respect and leg work so I decided to try her for a gelding that needed work that I didn't have time for. In one month time she has him responding and respecting cues and the difference in his attitude and respect is amazing! I was also so appreciative of the fact that she sent pictures, videos and updates while she was working with him and she was so helpful to me when I rode with her. I would send every one of my horses to her if I was able to. She's like the female version of Clinton Anderson. I HIGHLY recommend Elsabe and her Muddy Boot Performance Horses. You will not be disappointed! - Nichole Haase (APHA gelding Oreo - 30 days)

My family would like to thank Muddy Boot Performance Horses for making our experience in purchasing Spike pleasant. Elsabe answered all of our questions and then some more Elsabe also told us if we had any questions or concerns after the fact not to hesitate to contact her. It was a very wonderful experience and my family are very excited to have Spike! Thank you - Jessica Wilson 

Tux 2 year old Thorougbred gelding (30 days) I couldn’t be happier with the results of Elsabe’s colt starting for my 2 year old Thoroughbred gelding. It was important for me to know whoever I sent him to would treat & train him with natural methods not force or fear. I was completely amazed when I brought him home after 30 training sessions …he was like a seasoned professional! I especially appreciate the fact that he had experience in so many environments…arenas, pastures, trails, even the badlands and cows. I couldn’t ask for any better of exposure & desensitizing for him! Probably the best part of sending him to Elsabe however, was knowing he was always in the hands of someone who truly cares about horses! I never had to worry about him getting well taken care of! I would highly recommend EH Natural Horsemanship without hesitation and will definitely send all my future horses to Elsabe to start!!! -Bree Dewing, MD (2 year old Thoroughbred gelding 30 days) 

I am so glad I found out about Elsabe. Weird thing is I found out about her when visiting my Chiropractor. She was so wonderful with starting my 5 year old mare Whizz using natural horsemanship training techniques within 30 days Whizz was very respectful, she had a good handle on her and was willing to do what you asked her to do. Elsabe was always keeping me updated on Whizz progressing, not only with calls and texts but pictures to. If you looking for a talented trainer you should give Elsabe a call. She is wonderful and another great thing about it was that I also made a friend for life.  -Cindy Neumiller (5 year old AQHA mare 30 days)

After searching everywhere for the right natural horsemanship trainer, my farrier told me about Elsabe. I feel so fortunate that I had an opportunity to experience Elsabe’s natural horsemanship training, as she easily compares to the nation’s top trainers. My 5 year old mare was not broke, spoiled, and had picked up bad habits like nipping, so I had trouble handling her. The initial contact with Elsabe left me hopeful as she was so patient and kind taking the time to explain her techniques in depth. Elsabe agreed to break and train my mare to be a gentle trail horse for myself and my children. Elsabe is certainly a gifted natural horsemanship trainer as after three days, Elsabe was able to ride my mare bareback and the horse did not display any bad habits. After one week, the horse stood still while being saddled, she was soft to handle, responsive and respectful. It was amazing to see how gently and easily Elsabe handled my horse. She truly is a real life, “horse whisperer.” Each day, Elsabe texted me with progress notes and pictures of my horses’ progress. She also invited me to be a part of the training and to ride with her! My horse went from an unruly, unbroken horse, to a trained, well mannered, gentle horse in 30 days! It is nothing less than amazing! I would trust anyone on my horse, even a child! Not only did Elsabe train my horse, but she trained me as well to be a confident, competent horse woman! Elsabe has a God-given talent of connecting with the spirit of a horse and motivating that horse to their true potential. -Jan L. Kuhn, LAC (5 year old AQHA mare 30 days)

Dear Elsabe, I think you did an amazing job with Famous Buggy aka Irene. She responds to all the cues for giving in the face and the poll, side passing, backing and stopping. I am riding her in an indoor arena right now so will start swinging the rope, roping a dummy and trail some slow rope cattle. Thank you so much for giving me a horse I enjoy riding.  -Linda Vigen(2 year old Famous Buggy aka Irene 30 day)

I've known Elsabe Hausauer for years. She an amazing horse women and friend. The amount of time and energy she puts into her horses and colts is so perfect. Every time I see one of her training horses or own personal colts, I am amazed. Every horse I've seen her work is cool and calm. She has a deep understanding of the horse and it's nature. Elsabe is always eager to learn and betters herself as a horsewoman every chance she gets. If I wasn't training horses myself, my first pick of a trainer would be Elsabe Hausauer. She takes the utmost care of her horses and is very realistic. She is definitely the go to person for training and buying your next horse. God Bless  -Tandra Klein Thrall Dream Catcher Stable

Elsabe has been a blessing to me in more ways than I can put into words. I am very new to horses and knew nothing, other than that I wanted to learn about them and own them. She has helped me with every step of the way. She gave lots of seasoned advice in our process of looking for horses to buy and was always available when I had questions. And she has continued to offer her advice and help as we learn about owning and training horses. She has a very loving and calm attitude towards horses and is incredibly talented in her ability to work with them. I feel incredibly blessed that God brought Elsabe into my life. Sarah Dvirnak

South African born Elsabe speaks " horse language" like no other and exhibits compassion for both horse and rider to find that unique way to bond. Her investment in her own horses and that of client's horses are testimony of her natural and kind way of training horse and rider. I have learned so much from her in July 2015 and her unique insight into the history of my horse provided the perfect training guidance to me and my horse. Roelie Koeglenberg from South Africa

I had the privilege of spending a month training with Elsabe in 2013. I was traveling from South Africa and had never ridden Western style, nor had I ever started a horse. Although I did not have my own horse, she gave me an unbroken horse of hers to train and taught me everything I needed to know to build an unbelievable bond with him. She is a horse whisperer if ever I met one. No magic, no tricks. Her passion and respect for the animals is absolutely tangible and she has a knack for passing this on to anybody who spends time with her. Beyond this, she is also simply the most compassionate, caring and wonderful human being who wants the whole world to be happy. Any horse or horse/human team who go to her for training will forever be better off for it. Simply the best and most amazing trainer to whom you will ever entrust your horse. Laura Van Der Merwe