The Ranch

I grew up in South Africa. My dad is a 8th generation farmer. As a child I developed both a love of horses and an intuitive connection with them. I came to the US in 2007 on an internship, fell in love with a rancher, and settled on an 880 acre ranch with 150 head of cattle.The small town of Halliday, North Dakota, where the Muddy Boot Ranch is located, has become the home for Jorden, myself and our 3 bea children.

Jorden Hausauer

A native North Dakotan, Jorden was farming and ranching with his dad and three brothers from the time he could walk. In addition to the demands of the Muddy Boot Ranch he also works full time at the Coteau coal mine. He takes great pride in both jobs and always strives to do better and improve wherever he can. He is a hard worker, husband and father and I am grateful for all we have.  Although, when herding cattle, he has a decided preference for his four wheel horse “Honda” - I never give up hope I can convince him of the advantage of horses.

Elsabe Hausauer 

At an early age I found myself most at home on the back of a horse. I had a special bond that gave me insight into how horses think and what they needed to be happy and productive. That ability quickly turned into competing in professional horse sports where I won many awards. I showed Arabian horses in many styles including, Dressage, Western Pleasure, Costume, Halter, Jumping & Endurance riding. Later I continued my horse training at Marsh & Carriage Way Stables in England. I had the opportunity to use my natural skills to train and start thoroughbred and Arabian race horses for competition at many of England’s famous race tracks. This was an amazing learning experience for me. I worked for Ernst Oertel who recently was featured in the documentary “Leg up”. I also had the opportunity to attend the prestigious British Racing School in England. Bringing my varied equine training and experience to the United States, I operate  Muddy Boot Performance horses offering training services, horsemanship clinics and private lessons.We truly believe in fostering the connection between horse and rider. I will train the horse and then teach you what he horse knows and expects from you. My training is about relationships not just directions.